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Large Donation To One Roof Community Center

Y Drive PTBO

Jun 15, 2021

Y Drive Donates 3000 Bottles Of Water, 450 Gatorades, $200 in Gift Cards & 50 Boxes Of Cookies

Today we got to do what we love most and give a little something back to our home town!

With the help of Optimum Wraps and GO Moving & Services we were able to drop off a combined 3000 bottles of water, $200 in gift cards, 450 bottles of Gatorade and about 50 boxes of cookies.

One Roof Community Centre is an amazing organization that provides for folks down on their luck, employs local people and just like everyone else is feeling the impact of the pandemic and lock downs.

My personal favorite, with the kids home from school our 6 year old got to lend a hand today 🙂

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