We Won AGAIN - Very Humbling!

Peterborough Examiner

Oct. 28, 2021

Y Drive PTBO Wins Best Taxi - Peterborough Examiner

When we started Y Drive and officially launched as Peterborough’s first rideshare service, we expected our communities support… but this is beyond!

Less than a year in, to be voted your preferred service is energizing!

We were founded by a group of middle class, local Peterborough residents with absolutely no experience in the industry… We had a vision for Peterborough, out of need, desire and personal experience and today shows us that our plan is working!

Thank you to our clients, all 9800 of you! Thank you to the city, all of their guidance, patience and support shown by the Peterborough Police and City Hall… but most importantly thank you to our staff and drivers!

People don’t realize how above and beyond our core group of drivers have gone to make this work! We have people who applied for a part time retirement jobs working 55 hour weeks now, we have had drivers quit their regular jobs and come drive for Y Drive full time!…

We couldn’t have done any of this without all of you!

Remember, if it’s on your phone, we will get you home!