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Want to purchase yourself or someone else some Y Drive Credits?

  • Quick Top Up

    Additional $25 Value!
    • $120 In App Credit
    • $5 Y Drive EATS Credits
  • Double Me Up

    Additional $105 Value!
    • Receive $250 In Y Drive Credit
    • 1 Week VIP Status ($50 Value!)
    • $5 Y Drive EATS Credits
  • Best Value

    VIP Status

    Additional $345 In Value
    • Receive $500 Y Drive Credit
    • 1 Month VIP Status ($200 Value!)
    • Free Y Drive Hat!
    • $10 Y Drive EATS Credit

It can take up to 12 hours to add the funds to your Y Drive Account wallet, if you need them available sooner please call 705-304-4800 and speak to a dispatcher. Please note at the moment you can not "split" payments between credit card and "wallet feature". "VIP" Status increases priority, due to the nature of the industry it does not "guarentee" a timeline but it will prioritize your booking.

For Interact E Transfers Please Email (put your phone number in the notes)

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