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Family Owned & Managed 


Available In:

Grande Prairie


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48,697 Clients

Medicine Hat

Coming soon:

Fort Mcmurray


132 Drivers


568,736 Rides


Y Drive was created to offer quality service, quick pickup times and low prices to small market cities & towns, with expansion cities coming to both Ontario & Alberta. With our goal to help end impaired driving we have focused on keeping the fare costs low, driver pay high and response times fast. 


Our hope is that the next time you need to get to an appointment, home from the bar or go shopping you will in-trust Y Drive!


We only bring on the best drivers, here is why!... 

Car Interior
I have been using Y Drive since day one and will never call any other company again. Everyone that works for this company has been super friendly and professional. 

Derek H

Via - Facebook Review

Took time but I think Y Drive PTBO is finally starting to feel like Uber... Not a cab app. Kudos Y Drive, the prices are what it should be.


Via - App Store Review

Straight to the point, easy, intuitive and a safe way to get to your destination. The company is accomodating and polite. The service we all deserve!

Hunter M

Via - Facebook Review


Why Choose Y Drive

Fully Insured

Our Drivers are covered from the moment they start driving from Y Drive until the time they log off. 

Highest Paid Drivers

We ensure our drivers receive as much of the fare as possible. No hidden fees, or tricks!

Uncompromised Quality

Being locally managed we personally ensure every car & driver meet and exceed our high expectations!

Community Involvement

To date we have donated 6 figures to local events, charities and causes not just in Ptbo, but all our markets!

Thinking About Driving?

This is what some of our newer drivers have to say...


  • What are the requirements to drive?
    The requirements are based on the city you want to drive in. Generally you must be 25 years old, have a 2013 or newer vehicle and have a clean criminal record check. For further details, please reach out to our recruitment team at
  • Can I Pay Cash?
    Our system is designed to be completely cashless, this allows for the safety of the driver as well as making the payment process quick and contactless. Our system accepts almost all Credit Cards & Debit Cards.
  • I lost something in a car, what do I do?"
    Don't fret! Call us at 705-304-4800 and we will reach out to your driver to arrange for you to get your property back :)
  • Can I get a quote before booking?
    Of course! Once you have downloaded the app you are able to type in your start and end address. The app will then tell you how much your ride will be before you ever book it!
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